About Us – We help undiscovered talent build success

Could you be the new undiscovered talent in music and entertainment business?

Music Train is an innovative artist development company dedicated to helping the hardworking and undiscovered talent become successful and generate revenue in the music and entertainment business. With many record labels cutting the artist development budget, and some downright removing the program, we have stepped up for you. We pride ourselves in giving guidance and the necessary tools to help our artists achieve their desired goals and establish longevity, while monetizing their music.

Music Train and its affiliates have over twenty combined years in the entertainment industry. We have been in contact and worked with many artists such as veteran rapper Juicy J, Wiz Khalif, and R&B mogul Anthony Hamilton, just to name a few. We have connected with DJs and hosts such as DJ Scream, DJ Smallz, and Trapaholics. We are connected with every promoter in your neighborhood. We want to share these connections and make sure they are available for you. Music Train has conducted and participated in numerous international tours and with the right guidance, you can be on the next one. With established relationships to many major booking agencies such as The Agency Group and CAA, there are no limits to where can you perform and who you can grace the stage with.

Network Determines your Net Worth

undiscovered talentNetworking is very imperative in the entertainment industry. As undiscovered talent you should be prepared and diligently seeking the next person to help you advance your career. Music Train has created a huge network of dedicated international artists and companies eagerly waiting to help develop and advance your career. From DJs, Label Representatives, Booking Agents, Artist Relation Experts, Publicists, and to the artists you already see on your TV screen and hear on your radio, let Music Train connect you to not only to be discovered, but motivate, inspire, and collaborate with others who share the same passion.

Music Train Management – from undiscovered talent to A list artist

Many artists believe they need a manager at an early point in their career. You do not have to choose Music Train to represent you, but do understand that all A List artists have paid managers.  On average they charge a fee of 7 to 10 percent of gross income. You may find a professional who believes in you as much as you do and they would take you on as a client while working with you pro bono. This is highly unlikely, but it has happened and can happen again. A lot of upcoming artists use their friends as managers, and/or people that will manage for them for free. But the reality of that is that, most of them are just as new to the business and have ONLY just as many connections as the upcoming artist.

Music Train understands that you as an undiscovered talent may not have the income as an A list artist, so we do not seek an initial percentage. However, we have has recognized that there are a lot of individuals with extraordinary undiscovered talents such as yourself. Sadly, many of them make no money. Our management team will work persistently to ensure that your commercial potential be revealed as you become viable and people will pay to see you on stage and hear your music on their speakers. Our managers are available to help build you, your brand, and your music enough to start generating revenue yourself. Contact us today and let us help you.