AV the Great

AV is a hip hop MC. He is also known as AV the Great and Man-N-Da City, a title that represents his continuous involvement in the community. He has created, hosted, and been involved in many movements and events in his home town Denton, TX; for issues such as education, teen violence, and voter registration.

The hip-hop artist works at K104FM (#1 Hip & R&B station in Dallas, Texas) under the moniker Chris Cole.  He is always on the lookout for ways to keep the local music scene in the spotlight with his “Raw & Underground” concert/battle series as well as being a booking agent for The Thin Line Film & Music Festival.

“For those in the metroplex who consider themselves hip-hop aficionados,  AV is no stranger. As a political activist, TV show creator and current  104.5FM on-air DJ, AV has not only achieved notoriety, but continues to  push the boundaries of the genre. His flawless delivery of perfectly  intertwined lyrics and beats, combined with an undeniably provocative  stage presence, makes AV the Great someone to keep your eye on in 2015.” – Molly Mollotova Dallas Observer