Below is a list of our top picks for promotional services that we offer new artists. If there is a service that you require and don’t see listed, please feel free to contact us, so that we may better assist you.


Consulting is the first step. Consult with our staff to begin your process. Every artist is at a different stage in their musical career. This consultation will go over your goals, aspirations, expectations and answer questions you may have about how to get where you want to be and achieve your desired goals. Music Train has witnessed first­hand and actively participated in the rising success of many upcoming artists. Networking, with a team of notable musicians, artists, label representatives, and publicists; we bring a more than substantial amount of knowledge that cannot be read, but only taught from years of experience. Your initial consultation will also include a six month campaign for you to follow. Take this campaign with you regardless of whether you decide to work with us.  Contact Us now.

Supporting Act Program (SAP)

This is an exclusive service that we offer our artists that have already established themselves and are interested in doing shows as more than just an opener. Music Train believes in team work and mentoring. Through our SAP program we help bridge the gap between the new inexperienced artist and the seasoned artist. Similar to interning, and a ride along, we place new artists in the hands of veteran artists through supporting acts on tours and shows; to see, experience, and question first-hand what is required and regretted to be a success. Browse through our upcoming events and see what artist you would like to work with. If there is an artist you would like to work with and he is not on our upcoming event list, please let us know. From small night clubs with D-List artists, to arenas with A-list artists, we have something for every budget.

Branding 101:

Let’s get you started the right way.
MusicTrain will get you started with our professional web designers, graphic designers, merchandise and promotional team. Our staff will assist you in handling all merchandising and promotional material production, distribution, and routing. From campaign initiation to execution; our staff will take you through the entire process in building the proper team and foundation for your success.

DJ Review:

Tired of EBLASTS with Spam Responses?  We have a more effective and intimate option.  Get your music heard and reviewed by real industry and active disc jockeys.  Our DJs service and break records daily, while spinning at some of the hottest nightspots, touring with some of the top national artists, and working for some of the most widely listened radio stations.


Are you ready for radio play? Using major label promotion, Music Train will send your music through the airwaves.  Choose between satellite, internet, regional and national campaigns and we will  provide reports and recaps so that your organization has the most up to date information involving a record’s success. In addition, the record can be played and introduced at the hottest clubs and events. Music Train Management approaches record promotion from a team perspective using a network that hits from all angles. This includes management of the project, reports and handling of day­-to-­day maintenance of the project.


Label Leadership and Review

Join us in meeting official Label representatives from the nation’s leading labels such as Sony, Columbia, Motown, Rostrum and more. Lets discuss your current and future projects.  Take the time to address all of your concerns with professionals that work directly with the top labels.

A&R Recall (Artist Repertoire)

Are you tired of meeting self proclaimed A&Rs?  Let us put you in contact with verified industry A&Rs.  The A&Rs are the link between the artists and the label.  They often handle contractual obligations, find song writers, schedule sessions at industry approved studios, as well as connect artists with the industries leading producers.

Promo Tours

Are you ready to see the world? Music Train is prepared to book, plan, and manage artist tours and appearances.  You can headline your own tour, or join a national touring artist.  We will plan every aspect of the artist’s tour from promotion to day of show management. We guarantee a planned, organized and pleasurable experience.   We are qualified in handling artists and providing successful market visits that result in artist satisfaction as well as maximum exposure in any given market.



Video Promotion

Music Train will help you gain exposure by coordinating airplay and appearances on key outlets to support your video. We will promote your video to outlets such as MTV, MTV JAMS, VH1, BET, Vlad and more.  We will maximize your exposure by putting emphasis on getting videos on the reels of in stores content providers such as FYE, Foot Action, Champs, Foot Locker and any location that provides videos for stores.


Blog Campaigns

Music Train will assist you in pushing current projects, tours, and albums by spreading awareness through the blog community to drive views, likes and various engagement.

wshhWSHH Campaigns

Worldstar HipHop Promotional Campaigns Campaigns

Vlad TV Promotional Campaigns


email_iconEmail Blast Campaigns:
- Bottom Feeders
- Green Hitz ​
- Digiwaxx (worldwide)
- 1200 Squad​
- Bigga Rankin
- VirDiko Blast

Social-cluster-700x672Social Network Campaigns:
Build friends, viewers, and followers
- Facebook
- Twitter
- Instagram
- Snapchat
- Soundcloud